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I said I was obsessed with that score, right?

Same song, different POV. This one wants to be Wincest. But it's not.

You know... for a smart guy, he uses the word 'anyways' an awful lot. )
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I keep obsessing about Sam's test scores. Even ones that are pure fanon. Really. R for language.

Dean's number is 1967. Sam's is one-seventy...four? )
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Title: Compression
Characters: Sam
Summary: In times of great stress, Geekboy thinks like a computer. This is probably as stressful as it gets. PG-13, 760 words

He's not losing it. He's just putting it on hold, you know? Because he has to get his brother back, and it doesn't matter what it costs. )
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To be honest, I'm getting sick of the actual show. But the fic is still good, you know?

Title: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood
Summary: I just thought Aziraphale + Castiel = Cracky times! That's all. Supernatural canon through 4.16 (because that's all I've watched so far.) Spoilers for Good Omens. G, 400 words

The Winchester Brothers - throwing wrenches into the Divine Plan since 1983 )
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To [community profile] remix_goes_wild participants: This is my 'safe story'. Please DO NOT remix.

ETA: I somehow left out an entire section when I posted. (How the hell?) There were supposed to be seven days of sexy times, and I left out day five. It's fixed now. [7/8/2010]

Based on (remix of): this ficlet by [personal profile] mirabella

Title: Hottest Sex You Ever Had (Truth or Dare Remix)
Pairing: Dean/OMC/OFC (and combinations thereof), Wincest vibes
Summary: The hottest sex Dean's ever had was with the Landreneau twins. He can't stop thinking of Sam. Sort of Stanford-era PWP. Contains brother-sister twin incest, a little orgasm delay. NC-17, 5,700 words.

They meet over a hunt, when Jack is still wearing makeup. )
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Title: Monster in the Closet
Summary: Most experts agree that using fake "monster spray" or "monster dust" isn't the best strategy for dealing with kids' concerns. 'It'll just feed your child's fear. After all, if you need the spray, it must mean that monsters are real.'" - Parents Magazine G, 700 words

When I said I was afraid of the monster in my closet, he gave me a forty-five! )
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SandpaperFace gave me The Absolute Death for my birthday! This is what happened in my head after I finished looking through all the art at the end:

Death and the Devil walk into a bar... )
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Something short that I cut out of the Supernatural fic that I'm working on. I'll probably have several more of the same in a few days -- after I get over myself and give in to the editor voice shouting cut that shit out over the first thousand words. Whatever.

Dean was twenty-two when Sam left for college.  He was twenty-two and he couldn't imagine knowing anything, anyone, better than he knew the line of Sam's shoulders, the sound of his step, the shape of his irritation.  More than that, he couldn't imagine not knowing those things.  But maybe -- and this is just dawning on him now -- maybe those things are only remnants of a life too dangerous for Sam to have.

Protect Sammy, has always been Dean's imperative, and if this is what it takes, shoving all the money he earned hustling pool over the last two weeks into Sam's hands and letting him take a bus to California, then that's what Dean will do.


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