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Title: Heart settled, hands cold (aka Brainships! the Halo+Warchild+Honor Harrington mix)
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, various Avengers and Avenging auxiliaries.
Summary: Endgame ship is Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, inspired by windsweptfic's amazing fic, Aboard the MV Hawkeye, but not in the same verse. More like an AU of an AU. Things got out of hand and messy towards the end, structure-wise. Brainships and space travels are totally my jam, but I lost interest pretty much as soon as Cap2 came out, because Bucky/Natasha/Steve/Sam OT4. There are some scenes missing in the middle, too. Title is a quote from Warchild by Karin Lowachee.

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Title: Mnemosyne (aka scenes from a girl!Bucky AU)
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, various Avengers and Avenging auxiliaries.
Summary: Written largely for NaNoWriMo in 2012, based on MCU canon up to that point, with extrapolation and backstory based on comic canon. What (very) little plot there is was pretty much stolen directly from the Firebird folktale. Bucky/Natasha with Bucky+Steve and hints of past unrequited Bucky/Steve -- but it's not like anyone's broken up about it, and I'm actually quite happy with how I handled this throughline. If this thing had ever been completed, it would have had the following summary:

You’re in a car with a beautiful girl, and she won’t tell you that she loves you

(Love is for children)

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Title: Don't Tell Mom! (aka deaged!Clint, the creeper-free mix)
Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, various Avengers and Avenging auxiliaries.
Summary: Another fic written in a fit of pique. I started because I was tired of seeing creepy!Coulson/deaged!Clint shenanigans, but got distracted by the Natasha+Steve friendship and then ran out of wank before I got to the end. I wasn't quite willing to admit that I was writing this fic, even as I was writing it, which lead to about three very similar files in varying stages of near-completion.

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Title: and the light keeps streaming out
Characters: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff
Summary: Clint smirks, says, "Who's the lucky soldier?"

"His name," Stevie says, taking the picture down and tracing her finger along the silver-edged frame, "was James Barnes, and he was the stupidest, sweetest son-of-a-gun I've ever known."

Originally posted as "lead me through solitude" for a prompt from the stevebucky fest. 4,000 words, PG-13 for gore and heavy makeouts (not at the same time).


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Title: how nice a dame you can be
Summary: Captain America + Discworld's Lady, featuring Agents Carter as avatars and the Winter Soldier as either High Priest of an order built on a mirage and a pipe dream, or the subject of repeated ritual sacrifice -- there's no way to tell for sure. Is it Bucky/The Lady? Why is it from Steve's PoV? Even to myself I have no explanation for this one. 900 words, PG for threats.

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While the comics encourage swooning over Winter Soldier's rifle, the movie encouraged... sex-swapped unrequited Bucky/Steve?

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