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Title: Devious Cartography (aka the guns and casual sex mix)
Characters: Arthur, Neal Caffrey
Summary: Written for my own prompt on inception-kink, which was basically: Neal and Arthur, guns and theft and nice clothes. Arthur/Neal, implied Arthur/Eames. Most of this was inspired by the 'if you're not cheating, you're not trying' quote.

title from 'Going Postal' by Terry Prachett, which should tell you how much of a mess this turned out to be )
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Title: Retribution (aka we need some lady-monsters up in here, stat!)
Characters: Arthur, Eames, movie!John Constantine, other Inception characters, Mazikeen was supposed to carry the later parts of the fic
Summary: Once upon a time, I filled an inception kinkmeme prompt for Arthur and movie!John Constantine as brothers. This is the EPIC CROSSOVER fill that didn't work out. (for those interested, here's the fill that did.)

The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small, though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness he grinds all )
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So. The Losers Big Bang. I'm planning an Alice fusion, but Duchess keeps stealing the show. Here's the first thousand words so far. Yes, it's in desperate need of a rewrite. I'm saving that for after I figure out the rest of the story.

How Duchess Killed the Red Queen, Played the White Rabbit, and Saved Wonderland from CIA Gunrunners -- featuring Duchess, with guest appearances by Cougar )
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Sometimes I have to give myself a little time before I'm ready to attach my name to something that I wrote. That's my excuse for not posting this when I finished it this past summer.

Title: Acutus Id Verberat
Characters: Arthur/Eames
Summary: Assassins and thieves aren't supposed to fraternize. Written for this prompt on the kink meme. NC-17, 6,500 words.
Notes: "Acutus id verberat" is the the Thieves' Guild motto and translates to "Whip it quick", meaning to steal something. If you're curious, the Assassins' Guild motto is, "Nil mortifi sine lucre" -- "No killing without payment". Hover cursor over asterisks for footnotes.

Acutus Id Verberat )
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Title: When we know we won't be long
Characters: John Constantine & Arthur, Arthur/Eames
Summary: John is Arthur's older brother. They don't see each other very often, but they get along well enough. And they're always going to be brothers. A series of minifills for this prompt on the Inception kinkmeme. A little bit of Arthur/Eames on the side. PG-13. 7,800 words.
Contains: Character death and reference to suicide (Mal), canon levels of gore, profanity, drug-use, and Christianity-bashing.

And now, there's some wonderful fanart to go along with this fic! (Thank you, anon!)

On the day that John's little brother turns eighteen... )
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To be honest, I'm getting sick of the actual show. But the fic is still good, you know?

Title: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood
Summary: I just thought Aziraphale + Castiel = Cracky times! That's all. Supernatural canon through 4.16 (because that's all I've watched so far.) Spoilers for Good Omens. G, 400 words

The Winchester Brothers - throwing wrenches into the Divine Plan since 1983 )
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SandpaperFace gave me The Absolute Death for my birthday! This is what happened in my head after I finished looking through all the art at the end:

Death and the Devil walk into a bar... )


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