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This entire part produces nothing but deleted scenes. Raugh, frustration! Some of the scenes are redundant, because I thought trying a different way would help... nope. Some parts are missing. Anyway.
this one is full of extreme continuity errors )
incomplete version where they've never met before )
yet another version of the middle where they planned the theft together. )

Whew! I feel better now, even if this is hardly progress. I just had to get it off my chest.
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Something short that I cut out of the Supernatural fic that I'm working on. I'll probably have several more of the same in a few days -- after I get over myself and give in to the editor voice shouting cut that shit out over the first thousand words. Whatever.

Dean was twenty-two when Sam left for college.  He was twenty-two and he couldn't imagine knowing anything, anyone, better than he knew the line of Sam's shoulders, the sound of his step, the shape of his irritation.  More than that, he couldn't imagine not knowing those things.  But maybe -- and this is just dawning on him now -- maybe those things are only remnants of a life too dangerous for Sam to have.

Protect Sammy, has always been Dean's imperative, and if this is what it takes, shoving all the money he earned hustling pool over the last two weeks into Sam's hands and letting him take a bus to California, then that's what Dean will do.


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