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Title: how nice a dame you can be
Summary: Captain America + Discworld's Lady, featuring Agents Carter as avatars and the Winter Soldier as either High Priest of an order built on a mirage and a pipe dream, or the subject of repeated ritual sacrifice -- there's no way to tell for sure. Is it Bucky/The Lady? Why is it from Steve's PoV? Even to myself I have no explanation for this one. 900 words, PG for threats.

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Title: Walks Like an Angel
Characters: Arthur, Eames
Summary: AU. Continuation/expansion of this. Arthur is a maybe a little jealous of Eames. PG, 1,300 words

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For this prompt on the inception kink meme.

Title: Like Steel, Like Glass
Characters: Eames
Summary: Five times Eames had to kill someone, and one time he did because he wanted to. Or maybe it's just six times he had to kill someone. Angst. Contains torture, mentions of child abuse, and second person PoV. R, 700 words

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I totally forgot to post this here. I am organization!FAIL. Also, changed the title. Because the first one sucked. For this prompt on the inception kink meme.

Title: Snips and Snails
Characters: Arthur
Summary: AU. Arthur carries a loaded die as his totem because it's a good habit -- 'best practices', if you will -- not because he needs to carry it. Not when his actual totem is impossible to misplace. Totems. Whatever. PG-13, 1,400 words

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Title: Compression
Characters: Sam
Summary: In times of great stress, Geekboy thinks like a computer. This is probably as stressful as it gets. PG-13, 760 words

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To be honest, I'm getting sick of the actual show. But the fic is still good, you know?

Title: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood
Summary: I just thought Aziraphale + Castiel = Cracky times! That's all. Supernatural canon through 4.16 (because that's all I've watched so far.) Spoilers for Good Omens. G, 400 words

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Title: Monster in the Closet
Summary: Most experts agree that using fake "monster spray" or "monster dust" isn't the best strategy for dealing with kids' concerns. 'It'll just feed your child's fear. After all, if you need the spray, it must mean that monsters are real.'" - Parents Magazine G, 700 words

When I said I was afraid of the monster in my closet, he gave me a forty-five! )
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Title: Waking Alone
Characters: Draco, Harry
Summary: The War is long past, but its ghosts still haunt the night. G, 320 words

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